Xfusionism is a form or concept of art that incorporates any number of styles such as Abstract, Expressionism, Surrealism, Neo-Expressionism, Outsider, Brut or Aboriginal art into one piece and then X-tracts their major components leaving their spirit to create a completely unique art form.

Xfusionism finds its identity in the vacuity of styles and movements, past and present, emerging as a fresh, distinctive, imaginative type of art.

Xfusionism's innate value is to supercede parameters and boundaries.  Drawing from established structures, it allows the artist to be expansive in exploring the creative freedom their work demands without being limited by a specific form,or style.

Xfusionistic Art is a method of painting I developed to help me better understand, define, and probe my own particular ideas on where the work should go and to provide it with a vehicle and the flexibility to accomplish that mission.

Robert d. Hogge